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For the past three years, a film crew has been intimately documenting the lives of everyday Americans who have been seriously injured immediately following their COVID-19 vaccination. In the process of documenting these diverse stories across the United States, the filmmakers uncovered a larger story behind a successful campaign to conceal the true scope of injuries from these vaccines.

This is the hidden story of the human cost of censorship.

What begins as a simple quest for appropriate medical care becomes an eye-opening journey that exposes the frightening reality behind the scenes of our nation's healthcare system, federal regulatory agencies entrusted with our health and safety, and what has recently been described as "The Censorship Industrial Complex."

At the heart of this story is a call to action. Abandoned by their doctors, the U.S Government, and pharmaceutical companies, the injured create a community to heal each other and give voice to the voiceless. Through their formation of REACT19, these injured individuals discover the cause of their injuries, the research to prove it, and the treatments to restore their health.

Coming 2024 

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